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Insa Winkler


  Social Landart

Because of the total cultivation of our environment and the loss of naturalness, the concept of "land art" was extended with the meaning to the social dimension of the landscape as an important goal.

Social Land Art is an art concept since1992, created by Insa Winkler in several projects. Social Land Art as an art form sets special attention to the genius loci and the associated social, cultural and environmental structures: cultural landscape is the mirror of society under the lighting of their relationship to nature - the cultural diversity and biological Diversity. [see projects menu]

Important character of "social land art" is that artists communicate with each other as empiricist and exchange with scientists as a connection to the other trans-disciplinary.

On the other hand, the confrontation is with the lives of residents, with neighborhoods in the form of citizen participation. The results are combined as a whole in an artistic process, even taking into account long-term development. "


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